Review Dehati Disco

Review Dehati Disco

Producer– Gitesh Chandrakar
Director -Manoj Sharma
Star Cast- Ganesh Acharya, Ravi Kishan, Manoj Joshi, Rajesh Sharma, Remo D’Souza, Sunil Pal and Saksham Sharma
Genre- Social
Platform of Release- Theatrical
Rating- *1/2
Hackneyed & Cliched!

The film has a very wafer thin plot involving Bhola (Ganesh Acharya) who lives in the same village as his priest-father (Manoj Joshi) and younger brother, Radhe (Ravi Kishan). A local politician and his dancer son want Shivpur’s community temple demolished to build a dance academy. Bhola and his son Bheema challenge him to a dance-off. If they win, the temple will stay. The father disowns Bhola in his childhood because he is inclined towards dancing whereas the father wants to make him a temple priest, exactly like him.

Years later, Bhola gets married and has a son, Bheema (Master Saksham Sharma), who is also fond of dancing. Bhola and Bheema are banished from their village for dancing in the temple. The father-son duo go to the neighbouring village where MLA Dubey’s (Rajesh Sharma) son, Jack (Sahil M. Khan), has returned from the USA after winning several dance competitions. Jack and Dubey want to open a dance academy next to the temple in Bhola’s village and their ultimate aim is to break the temple. However, the villagers and the temple priest are up in arms against Dubey and son Jack’s plans.

The story starts meandering from here when Dubey throws a challenge to the villagers that if anybody from the village can defeat Jack in dancing, he will not insist on building a dance academy on the plot of land belonging to the temple authorities. He adds that if Jack wins the dance competition, the academy would be built as per his plan. The villagers accept the challenge. Bheema now decides to defeat Jack and thereby save his grandfather’s temple and before the dance competition, the temple priest also realises that Bheema is his own grandson, and Bhola, his son.

Ganesh Acharya is not at all an actor who is capable of carrying the burden of a film on his shoulders, as the hero. No wonder In the role of Bhola, he fails to impress. However, to be fair to the guy, his dances are very good. Master Saksham Sharma acts very well in the role of Bheema and I’d say that his dances are a treat for the eyes. Ravi Kishan has hardly any role worth his salt in this melodrama as Radhe. Manoj Joshi lends good support as the temple priest. Rajesh Sharma makes his mark as MLA Dubey. Sahil M. Khan is average in the role of Jack. Remo D’Souza and Sunil Pal have hardly anything to do. The child actor Saksham as Bheema is a delight to watch as a dancer. While Manoj Sharma’s direction is passable, the weak screenplay does not support it at all.

On the whole, I’d just sum up Dehati Disco as an aimless as well as hackneyed and clichéd film which has a story as old as the hills by its director Manoj Sharma

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