Love in Ukraine filmmaker Nitin Kumar Gupta gets candid about the brand-new song Chhoomantar

Love in Ukraine filmmaker Nitin Kumar Gupta gets candid about the brand-new song Chhoomantar

Filmmaker Nitin Kumar Gupta’s film Love in Ukraine is out with a brand-new song Chhoomantar. Not only is this song special for the beautiful locales it has been shot in, but because of the artist who has choreographed and danced in it as well, who is now fighting for her country on the frontlines of Ukraine.

“It was lovely to work with Fomina Julia. In fact, she loved the song and choreographed the dance herself with two other girls. We filmed in subzero weather outside a castle with three horses and 10 gangsters. Julia was wearing a short dress in the cold weather. But she was enthusiastic throughout and gave absolutely stunning takes.

Her toughness shows when she has now decided to fight the war in her country on the frontlines. She has shared a video from her undisclosed location, wishing us for the film release and how she hopes the war ends soon and her dream of acting in more films comes true soon,” says Nitin.

Love in Ukraine has five songs, all of which have been shot at equally beautiful locations, says Nitin, adding, “Ukraine is a beautiful country and you have gorgeous visuals wherever you look. We have filmed in the main city of Kiev, including the city centre, trams, the Hogwarts-like National Polytechnic University. We also filmed songs in Lviv which looks like a mix of London and Paris. We filmed the post-interval scenes in Pyrohiv which is a heritage village with some buildings over 1000 years old. We also filmed extensively in Bucha and Irpine, which are now destroyed by bombing. We filmed in a castle with horses and a farm with cows and sheep.”

He adds, “My idea of a love story is a fairy tale romance, the sort that was made famous by Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, where the girl and boy love each other unconditionally, no matter what. When in love everything looks beautiful, so the film is similarly gorgeous from the point of view of the lovers. The picturesque locations of Ukraine brought my vision to life, more beautiful than I had imagined, where an Indian student and a Ukrainian girl fall hopelessly in love with each other.”

However, seeing these places torn by war is heartbreaking, says the filmmaker. “It was a devastating feeling when I saw places I’ve filmed in, being bombed and people dying, live on the news. It made me cry to see the meaningless destruction and violence,” he says.

The filmmaker hopes that everyone will watch the film in theatres. “I know that everyone who watches the film will fall in love with the film, with the visuals, the songs, and with the lead characters. Even the villains in the film are endearing in surprising ways. I am hoping youngsters watch the lovely film in theatres because small screens will not do justice to the beauty of Ukraine,” he says.

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