First look of UV Films ‘Guthlee’ unveiled at the India Pavilion, Cannes Film Festival

First look of UV Films ‘Guthlee’ unveiled at the India Pavilion, Cannes Film Festival

Mumbai based film company, UV Films, unveiled the first look of its Bundeli language Feature film “Guthlee Ladoo” at the India Pavilion during the on-going Cannes International Film Festival. Featuring Sanjay Mishra, Dhanay Seth, Subrat Dutta, Kalyanee Mulay and others, this is the first international outing of the film. It recently won the Hiralal Sen Memorial Award for Best Director at the recently concluded Kolkata International Film Festival. Produced by Pradeep Rangwani & UV Films, this film marks the directorial debut of Ishrat R Khan. It is also the first time that the Marche Du Film has an official country of honour.

Guthlee’s first look was lauded by the audience present at the event. Ecstatic to be launching the trailer at the India Pavilion, Cannes Film Festival, Pradeep Rangwani, who is also the producer of the film said, “We couldn’t have asked for a better platform to premiere the first look internationally at Cannes. India is the country of honour at the Cannes Film Festival this year as our 75th year of Independence also coincides with the 75th year of Cannes. Launching Guthlee’s first look on this occasion and in front of a global audience is a dream come true. It has been nothing short of spectacular, and we look forward to coming back next year with more wonderful content.”

Speaking about the film at Cannes Film Festival, Mohan Das who represented on behalf of UV Films said: “Guthlee speaks volumes about the state of education and the caste system in rural India in real time. A touching film on education for the Dalits with a very serious subject at its core, it is a poignant story of the struggle of a little boy as he is refused admission in a school as they belong to the community of manual scavengers.”

“Of course, there have been massive improvements in this respect by the government, but still there are untold stories that highlight the plight of the lower caste people and their inability to get education for their children. This film is an attempt to bring this matter to the forefront. The film does not try to portray any of the higher caste people in a negative light, nor it’s an attempt to antagonize, but rather to make people think about the fact that something that is so easy for everyone to provide to their children – a school education – can remain an unfulfilled dream for so many deserving children just because they belong to the lower castes,” Pradeep Rangwani added.

The trailer will be launched to a wider audience soon.

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