Smita Tambe: Social media gives us fame, but the base on which we get this is important

Smita Tambe: Social media gives us fame, but the base on which we get this is important

While social media might fetch you instant stardom, there must be something substantial which you do to earn this, says actress Smita Tambe. Smita will soon be seen in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s web series Escaype Live, a series which goes to show the limits to which people would go to to earn money and fame on social media.

“When I heard the concept and about my character, I related to it at many levels. The time we spend in living our real lives, we also spend the same amount of time in living our virtual lives, that is our life on social media. Despite being an actor, I wasn’t active on social media sometime back, but since the time I have become active, my brain has got trained to put everything on social media. I can see this change. For the past 16 years, I have been working in this industry, and for the past 3-4 years I have seen this drastic change and can relate to the character,” she says.

She adds, “Getting famous has become quite easy, thanks to social media. I would say that getting fame by whichever way is nice but it all depends on the base for which you have earned that fame. Baseless fame can be earned from anywhere which is of no use, it’s just like a tissue paper. Social media does give us fame but the base from which we get the fame is what actually matters. It should be through hard work, our knowledge in the field we are working in. We should be flexible in adapting to the characters. Content plays an important role and struggle is what makes us better.”

Talking about working with Siddharth Kumar Tewary and One Life Studios, she says, “It’s amazing to work with Siddharth. He stays very cool and the clarity with which he has made this series, the conviction of the subject is very amazing. He is an amazing human being During my interactions with him, I never felt that I was working with him for the first time. He connects with actors so well. He gives freedom to actors and appreciates and pampers them every time. Siddharth has a special place in everyone’s heart. Even after you get his call, you feel that joy of working with him. Such things are very important. I would like to thank him and best wishes to him. I loved his will of making a different kind of series with a different content. He has a contemporary mindset that I like a lot. The way he has presented this series is really interesting.”

Smita is very attached to her character in the series. “I am playing Aamcha’s mother. Amcha is a boy who performs various stunts on social media to get likes. The character that I am playing is integral as she is the balance in his life. His father is living his life on his own but the mom has a soft corner towards the son. Whatever screen time I got, portraying this character has been very interesting. The locations where we have shot this, in every scene, there is something different. Siddharth has interestingly weaved the scenes and dialogues. The character knows the situation and what steps need to be taken,” she says.

This series is also memorable for the actress as she got to take her baby on the set. “The whole series is memorable. When the shooting began, the lockdown happened, so the shoot was halted. Later on, during the lockdown I got pregnant and when my baby became 1 month old, I came back for the second schedule of this shoot. I went on set with my kid, and the production house really took care of the baby girl Vedika. They gelled well. It’s a memorable journey for us,” she says

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