Abhishek Kumaarr: Initially, my family was not happy that I wanted to be an actor

Abhishek Kumaarr: Initially, my family was not happy that I wanted to be an actor

Actor Abhishek Kumaarr says that it took his family some time to come to terms with the fact that he wants to pursue a career in showbiz. The actor, who is part of the show Kumkum Bhagya, says that no one in his family is from the entertainment industry and this was a world which they had not experienced before.

“My father is a doctor and I belong to a family where most of my family members are engineers. Before entering the acting industry, I also completed my education because I feel education is an integral part of our life. Jaise sab bolte hai padhai kabhi waste nahi jaati. Knowledge is something which will always enhance you and your skill. I never thought of becoming a doctor but I did think of becoming an Army officer. Fortunately, I don’t belong to a family where you are forced to become what they want you to be. I belong to a family that gave me a good amount of time in my life to think about what I wanted to be. I feel there are a lot of people who don’t even know what they have to do because of society pressure, parents and peer pressure. At the right time, I got to know that I want to be an actor because of my parents and the exposure they gave me,” he says.

He adds, “Acting is definitely not an easy field. My dad has always told me there is competition in each and every field. If you do your work with the right approach and planning along with patience and timing in every field, then you can achieve what you want. Initially, my family was not happy that I wanted to be an actor. No one in my family belongs to the entertainment business so they felt very insecure about it. But slowly, they have accepted and adapted.”

Ask him what he would have liked to become if he was unable to become an actor, and he says, “If not an actor, I would have become an army officer. Though I have completed my engineering in computer science, I was also preparing myself for an exam to get into the army. I did prepare really well for that exam but I got my first break in entertainment when I was in my third year. So, I could not prepare with all my heart. But I have no regrets.”

Abhishek adds that while it is believed that acting is a difficult profession, no field is easy after the pandemic. “You tell me which profession is not insecure in today’s time. You will talk to a businessman, especially after Covid, he does not know whether his business will run or not. You ask a person working in a corporation whether his job is secure. Even he does not know whether his job is secure or not. No work is secure or insecure, you have to do your work with full dedication. You should find happiness in your work. Efforts should be put into that job,” he says.

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