The next episode of ‘Ranbazar’ is to be aired on Planet Marathi OTT on 27th May

The next episode of ‘Ranbazar’ is to be aired on Planet Marathi OTT on 27th May

Something like that had happened … maybe? ‘ The grand webseries ‘Ranbazar’ with such a tagline is currently being discussed all over the place and various reactions are coming from all quarters. The audience has responded to ‘Ranbazar’ in full. From the very first teaser of the webseries, it was certain that ‘Ranbazar’ would create a storm, and it did. In just two days, the trailer of this web series has received more than 2 million views and this is the first Marathi web series to gain such popularity in such a short span of time. Recently, 3 episodes of ‘Ranbazar’ have come to the audience on ‘Planet Marathi OTT’ and these three episodes have literally created a stir. The third part of it comes to an interesting turn, where the audience is curious about the next part. However, without further ado, the next episode of ‘Ranbazar’ will be aired on 27th May. The grandeur of this international series is unmatched by any other web series.

Prajakta Mali says of her role, “I have never played such a role before. This role changed my ‘bubbly’ image.  Basically, you have to study for each role. I had to work a little harder for the role. First of all I gained weight. Ratna is a prostitute. So I had to study her body language, her gait, her way of life, her self-confidence. For this, I went to Budhwar Peth in Pune and Kamathipur in Mumbai and interacted with the women there. Observed them. Along with the physical change, I also had to change my mentality and that is why this gem came to the fore. Many appreciated my personality. Some even expressed displeasure. But I look at this resentment positively. This is a compliment to Ratna. “

Tejaswini Pandit talks about her personality in ‘Ranbazar’, “I have played many roles till date. Very simple girl to very bold girl. But this is the first time I’ve seen such a bold personality. Many reactions have come and gone. Therefore, I am accepting them wholeheartedly and this is the proof of my work. I accepted the offer the moment I was asked about the role. Directors like Abhijit Panse, energetic storytellers, OTT platforms like ‘Planet Marathi’ and strong Starcast were all on the plus side. Gradually a lot of things will unfold in ‘Ranbazar’ which will arouse the curiosity of the audience at every moment.

Writer and director of ‘Ranbazar’ Abhijit Panse says, “I am very happy to see the response to Ranbazar. The audience is also accepting such a bold subject. Their mindset is changing. This is a good thing for us. This gives us an opportunity to introduce new topics to the audience. This is my first web series. There is a big difference between a movie and a web series. The suspense in the story of the film finally comes to the fore. Farfar before the interval. But each episode of the webseries has to end at a turning point, where the curiosity of the next episode arises. Therefore, special attention has to be paid to this. Since there is no limit to the webseries, I am of the opinion that the content should be deliberated. Therefore, Akshay Bardapurkar, the founder of Planet Marathi, and I, both of us, have tried to create this magnificent and never seen web series in the web world. Each character has done a great job. “

Head of Planet Marathi, founder Akshay Bardapurkar says, “I was involved in the web series ‘Ranbazar’ directed by Abhijit Panse from the very beginning. So I have seen the hard work of each of these people. The subject matter is so strong that no one in the web has ever dealt with it. Planet Marathi OTT is one such medium. Which is not only limited to Maharashtra but also for foreign audiences. Today, viewers from all over the world are watching the content on ‘Planet Marathi’ OTT. It is our responsibility to provide them with content from rural to international level. ‘Ranbazar’ is one such international web series. The next episode coming up on Friday is also going to arouse the curiosity of the audience. “

The web series is a political crime thriller produced by Planet Marathi, A Vistas Media Capital Company, Ravana Future Productions, Abhijit Panse and Anita Palande. Tejaswini Pandit, Prajakta Mali, Mohan Agashe, Mohan Joshi, Makrand Anaspure, Sachin Khedekar, Urmila Kothare, Vaibhav Mangle, Anant Jog, Abhijit Panse, Girish Datar, Nilesh Divekar, Shreyas Raje, Atul Kale, Vanita Kharat and Madhuri Pawar. 


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