Senior Wagle’s desperate attempts to be productive are sure to tickle your funny bone this week on Wagle ki Duniya

Senior Wagle’s desperate attempts to be productive are sure to tickle your funny bone this week on Wagle ki Duniya

Sony SAB’s most loved slice-of-life show, Wagle Ki Duniya, is back again with another week filled with moments of laughter and smiles. The show has continued to keep the audience hooked to their screens with its thought-provoking storylines. This time around, our beloved Senior Wagle Srinivas finds himself in a rut when faced with acute boredom. The upcoming episodes highlight the greys of old age and bizarre urges that Srinivas (Anjan Srivastava) is having to keep himself occupied. Whereas Rajesh (Sumit Raghavan) and Vandana (Parivas Pranati) are trying their formulas to stop the madness. 

Srinivas has nothing to do after his retirement and is getting more restless each day. He tries to interact even more with Sakhi and Atharva, but they are busy too. And now he is on a quest to find distractions. A chance meeting with an old friend who drives a rickshaw despite being well-settled gives him an idea to do the same by occupying his time and curb his boredom. So, he sets out on a mission but soon realizes that it might not be that great of an idea as no one is able to escape the wrath of the scorching sun and faces the disappointment of his family as well. Will Srinivas do something more shocking by the time the family finally understands his need to be busy? How will the family convince Srinivas to leave the stubbornness behind and find simpler ways? Watch out for the answers. 

Pariva Pranati essaying the role of Rajesh Wagle said: “Getting to present such a serious issue of loneliness faced by seniors of the family, through a humorous rendition, was fun. We often forget that our elders have worked throughout their lives and when retirement kicks in, they still need to be occupied. We wish to convey to viewers the importance of taking care of the psychological needs of their parents or grandparents. I believe we have done a good job connecting with viewers and I am looking forward to seeing their reactions to Srinivas doing bizarre activities just to keep busy.”

Anjan Srivastav essaying the role of Srinivas Wagle said, “This track is very dear to my heart, as this is how you would envision Srinivas to react. I agree with the thoughts that Srinivas’ is having. I have heard a lot of my friends complain about having nothing to do. And from personal experience I can say that watching everyone else being busy just adds to the tension. This plot is for our audience who face the same feeling as Srinivas. I am going to turn 75 soon, and this is what makes the track even more relatable to me. I hope our viewers realize that sitting idle is often harmful to the sanity of the mind. And they continue to keep their senior citizen relatives happy!”

Stay tuned to Wagle Ki Duniya from Monday to Saturday at 9:00 PM only on Sony SAB

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