Rapper Dino James Unleashes His Debut Album ‘D’ on Def Jam India, Pays Homage To Mother And Motherland

Rapper Dino James Unleashes His Debut Album ‘D’ on Def Jam India, Pays Homage To Mother And Motherland

Rapper, singer-songwriter, composer, music producer, storyteller and YouTube sensation, Dino James has announced his eponymous debut album which will serve as his grand introduction to the global music industry and will be released worldwide via Def Jam India, the iconic global hip hop label.

Titled ‘D’, the self-titled entrance album spans across 13 tracks and features first-time ear-pleasing collaborative efforts alongside talents like Emmy Award winning producer Aakash, singers Kaprila and Nikhita Gandhi. The energetic self-reflective album uplifts Dino’s diasporic life by spotlighting his creative evolution and professional accomplishments, making it his most conscious album. 

A showcase of exemplary perfection, from the vocals to the music production to the lyricism, Dino attempts to set a brand-new benchmark for modern day melodic hip hop songsters with this sonically mesmerizing masterpiece that can be upheld as the prototype for the pop rap genre sound.

Sleek and sassy wordplay, aggressively electric vocal style and vulnerably honest lyrics infused with flawlessly constructed commercial melodies and raw hardcore hip-hop soundscapes, the album brings to the forefront Dino’s transformational experimental style of pushing convention with a polished and inimitable approach to hip hop. The rapper lays the foundation for the conceptualization of the experimental motif throughout his entire first album with the rhythm-based hip hop sound aesthetic at its nucleus.

A self-made burgeoning talent, Dino who frequently credits most of his success to his mentor- his mother; unflinchingly pays a modest tribute to her on the album by featuring a prayer in her enthralling voice whilst also paying homage to his South Indian roots and culture.

Mapping his street-to-the-skyscraper evolution, the accompanying music videos, shot across Kerala, Goa and Mumbai and directed by Himanshu Nisha Tyagi put forth Dino’s stand-out versatility and flair of translating thought-provoking lyrics into an equally commanding visual narrative.

Dino James expands, “I’m indeed ever so grateful to be releasing this album at such a significant juncture in my life and having the opportunity to mark not just mine, but also Def Jam India’s first ever album. This album is really precious to me, not only because it’s my maiden outing, but also because it represents my untold story which was private up until now. People grow, evolve and change but this album is about not forgetting where we come from.”

The announcement of the album which marks Def Jam India’s first ever artist album was preceded with the release of Dino’s tracks ‘Lost’ in March and ‘Chosen’ in April which raked up top spots across all streaming platforms and served as the first taste from his highly awaited album.

The stellar musicianship of the album solidifies Dino James as one of the leading forces of the millennial hip hop generation who’s ready to retrieve the hip-hop crown he truly deserves. Truly a work of art, ‘D’ is angsty, spirited, and authentic. The album introduces Dino’s self-made journey in Indian hip-hop and how he has musically evolved by creating his own unique sound that fuses rap and melody, thereby evolving the Indian hip-hop scene as well.

Def Jam India is a Universal Music India’s new label division within India and South Asia dedicated to representing the best hip-hop and rap talent from the region. Def Jam India follows the blueprint of the iconic Def Jam Recordings label, which has led and influenced the cutting-edge in hip-hop and urban culture for more than 35 years.


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