Exclusive Special Interview with Actor Nimai Bali

Exclusive Special Interview with Actor Nimai Bali

“Hum Hollywood se bilkul kam nahin” TV Actor NIMAI BALI tells JYOTHI VENKATESH

What is the role that you are essaying in the TV serial Brij Ke Gopal? Are you playing the role of Kans Mama? (Laughs). I do not play the role of Kans Mama but I play the comic negative villain in the show.

You have been typecast as the villain in several shows, Is it easy for you to play negative roles or do you still need to prepare for your part? Believe it or not, I do not at all need to prepare for my part. My preparation happens naturally when I face the camera for my shot. Dutt Saab is my mama. Once he had told me that one has to be a good human being if one needed to be a good actor. I just tried to be a good human being.

Did you learn acting from any Institute? Yes. I did learn what constitutes acting from Roshan Taneja of FTII and Alopi Verma of NSD with whom I learnt crash acting courses.

In how many TV serials and films have you acted till date? I have lost the count of my serials till now though I have been a part of very few feature films. After acting in a few films, I decided to deviate from the track since I felt that I was not at all getting meaty roles in films which would exploit my latent talent as an actor.

You did not piggyback on your uncle Duttsaab’s shoulders to grab roles as an actor. Why? You are right. I did not seek my uncle’s favor to get me films because my uncle had told me that though he had given his own son Sanju a break with Rocky, he got his comeback film Jaan Ki Baazi on his own merit from Pappu Verma and he had not at all helped me in any way.

Which is your best film till date? Rahasya directed by Manish Gupta is my best till date as I improvised my role in it and Manish liked it tremendously

And which are your best serials as of now? Out of the 2000 and odd TV serials in which I have acted till date, I like all my serials but then if you were to ask me to single out just a few of them, I’d name Chandrakanta, Jai Hanuman, Devi, Phir Subah Hogi, Sirf Tum now on air on Colors and of course Brij Ke Gopal.

How tough or easy was it to essay not just one or two but four different roles in one single serial like Jai Hanuman? I should say that I was just lucky enough to have been offered four different characters like Pawan, Bali, Duryodhan and Hanuman’s son in one single serial Jai Hanuman by changing my gait, posture and way of delivering my dialogues.

How happy are you as an actor today? I’d say that the job of an actor is the most amazing thing today. Because I feel that even the spot boys as well as the crew on the sets certainly do more work than the actors who face the camera every day, but what they get at the end of the day is mere pittance compared to the actors.

Are you satisfied with the way your career has shaped till date as an actor? It has been almost 25 years ever since I had started my career as an actor with Phool Aur Angaray in which Mithun Chakraborty had played the leading man. It was produced by Salim Aftab. I was on Cloud Nine as I was not only flown from Mumbai to Ooty, housed in a five star hotel there and provided with food but also paid for my acting.

What do you feel when you look back at your career? I love negative roles because there is a lot to play, especially because a negative role gives you a lot of scope to act. Though I agree that I have been typecast as a villain because I lack strategies and do not resort to chamchagiri, I am glad that I have lived each and every character that I had played till today, whether it was Ravan or Shanidev or for that matter Hanuman.

Go on! Though it did take a lot of time for me, I have learnt how and what to invest in every character of mine as an actor, though I am not really happy with the way my career has shaped up but have absolutely no regrets because people today trust my work and believe in my ability as an actor.

Let’s touch a personal side of yours now. Please tell me about your marriage to actress Sahila Chadda! It is sad that my personal life had suffered a lot because I was busy round the clock 24/7 as an actor. I did try to mend my rift with my wife and daughter Princess but could not succeed wholly as it was too late. However, I have still not given up trying as I still love my daughter.

Are you part of any web series? Yes. I am acting in the web series Bikroo Kanpur Gangster, based on the life of the dreaded Kanpur gangster Vikas Dubey, the editing of which is on now. I play the titular role. It is amazing the way we have come up with web series which have International calibre today, though I am not at all comfortable with the kind of nudity which is on display as I feel that only to some extent is nudity good and I won’t be comfortable as far as nudity is concerned, unless and unless it is classically shot like Mirzapur where even Kulbhushan Kharbandaji did.

Who are your favourite directors today? Though I’d joke that any director who casts me is my favourite, my favourite directors are Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Aditya Chopra today. I liked the Marathi film Jhimma directed by Hemant Dome in which my friend Kshitee Jog was one of the actors. I would love to be a part of a Marathi film since I know Marathi as well as Marathi, though I am a Punjabi.

In what way do you think the face of Indian Cinema changed over the years since you started working? The face of Indian Cinema has changed a lot and I am proud to state that I feel that we are no less than what Hollywood is as we tackle amazing subjects in Bollywood today

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