Again a knock from Boss Chiller- Bee Larvae is the surprise ingredient in Chef Vs Fridge Season 2

Again a knock from Boss Chiller- Bee Larvae is the surprise ingredient in Chef Vs Fridge Season 2

Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge is being loved by the audience for its unique themes. While the judges challenge the contestants with the themes and YOTD- Yantra of The Day, the boos chiller’s ingredient always passes a shock wave. Coming 15 minutes into the cooking time, this ingredient is enough to crash the skies for the contestants who then have to deflect their plans. For the past few weeks, the boss chiller has taken the front seat to give the toughest ingredients to the contestants and this week proved to be no different. In the episode themed ‘Food in 2050’, the boss chiller presented Bee Larvae as the key ingredient.

While adhering to the theme, this week’s contestants Chef Vanshika Bhatia and Chef Parth Saxena try to bring out the best imagination of the future on their plates, the boss chiller forced them to think out of the box. Speaking about the challenge Chef Vanshika Bhatia said, “Insect protein is the upcoming big thing in food culture and hence I was surprised but happy at the same time.” Chef Parth Saxena said, “When I first saw it coming out of the fridge with a honeycomb, I thought that we would be required to use the honeycomb. I had used it before and thus I was happy that I knew its taste and getting it into my dish won’t be difficult. I knew I could make something sweet out of it and add a sweet element to my plate. But then came the shocker of bee larvae that I had never eaten or used before. So, I was pushed into deep thought about using it in my dish.” Do the two Chefs succeed? Who does it better? Watch in this week’s episode of Chef Vs Fridge Season 2.

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