Why did Dipti aka Anupama Solanki faint on the set of Maddam Sir?

Why did Dipti aka Anupama Solanki faint on the set of Maddam Sir?

Actors often go to any length to make sure nothing affects their performance and work schedule. A similar incident happened on the sets of Maddam Sir. Actor Anupama Solanki, who plays the role of Dipti in the show, fainted and required immediate medical attention.

“We were shooting outdoors, it was around 3 pm. As we know these days the temperature is too high so my body got dehydrated and also got low blood pressure. We were shooting since morning, doing back-to-back scenes and I didn’t get the time to have proper breakfast and lunch. Also, just the day before, that is on Monday, I had a fast so that’s why I think I was weak. So the team immediately called for a doctor, who gave me some medicines and injection,” Anupama shares the incident.

The actor says that she never expected something like this to happen. “These things are not in your hand. I really felt bad that because of my weakness, the shoot stopped for three hours. But after that I went back on the floor because work should not stop. It is my dream to become a good artist, and nothing can stop me, not even such health conditions. Here, I would like to thank the production team and captain of the ship Neelesh Ambekar Sir (director of the show). He was very kind and treated me well. He did not pressurise me to shoot, and the rest of the day we did only master shots,” she adds.

This isn’t the first time Anupama felt unwell while at work. “Two years back I fainted on the sets of a Balaji show. At that time I was doing three shows together in Naigaon and Andheri East. Too much work and travelling took a toll on my health, plus I was also not eating properly, on time and could hardly sleep for three to four hours,” she says.

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