“When we shot the first scene,  I immediately knew the show was going to be fun” says Manika Mehrotra who plays Shweta in Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi.

“When we shot the first scene,  I immediately knew the show was going to be fun” says Manika Mehrotra who plays Shweta in Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi.

1. How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi?

I feel great and extremely happy to be a part of Sab Satrangi. I remember when we shot the marriage sequence in December, I immediately realized that this show will be very special and I couldn’t wait to shoot again with the team. 

2. What should the audience look forward to with your character’s re-entry into the show? 

We’re all working really hard to ensure the audience is entertained, and Shweta’s re-entry is one such attempt to keep them hookedt. Since my character is extremely unpredictable, we are enjoying while exploring new and twisted plots for her. Shweta is full of surprises and audience will not know what to expect from her next. 

3. How was your experience shooting with the cast and crew of the show?

I am thoroughly enjoying shooting with the team, we’re always having a great time on the set as well as when we shoot at any other locations. My excitement was evident as I couldn’t wait to return to the shoot. My favorite scenes have to be the ones with the entire family and the overload of emotions are something that loyal viewers of the show would definitely enjoy watching. Interestingly, we laugh the most when we shoot intense scenes, and that’s the best part about playing a negative character. 

4. You are playing a negative character on the show, how did you prepare for this role? 

There is stark contrast in the personalities of my character and me. Shweta is unpredictable and fickle-minded that she challenges Daddy, the don of Lucknow. I would think twice before doing something like that, and sometimes that’s how it gets easier to play the role, I just imagine what I would not do in real life. Every day I find a new element in the character, and I really hope to exhibit these to the best of my abilities that the viewers can see on screen.

5. How difficult is it to portray a negative character and how do you intend to make Shweta’s portrayal different? 

At first, I didn’t imagine it would be so tough to play a negative character. While I believe that none of can be all good or all bad, I had to go to the extreme to find myself in the role of an outright negative character. Shweta’s feelings are driven situationally, she is often torn between choices and reacts according to what is the driving force at the time. For instance, now she is suddenly infatuated with Mannu but earlier she didn’t feel a thing for him. And I won’t be surprised if she wakes up another day and decides to focus all her energies on something or someone completely different. 

6. What, in your opinion, makes Sab Satrangi different as a show? 

Sab Satrangi isn’t your typical family drama on television. If colors are representational to our characters on the show; then we have been true to the title, exhibiting different shades of people and proving that eventually most of us hope and look forward to the rainbow at the end of the rain. And I hope our viewers noticed this too. 

7. Any message for your fans/viewers?

I consider myself extremely fortunate for the appreciation that I receive for my work.  While we work tirelessly, the only gratification for the hardwork is the love from fans. I just hope to continue entertaining them in whatever roles I play, even if they are gray or dark. 

Tune in to Sab Satrangi, Mon – Sat, 7:30 PM only on SAB!

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