Shweta tries to cause a rift between Mannu and Gargi in Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi

Shweta tries to cause a rift between Mannu and Gargi in Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi

Sony SAB’s family drama Sab Satrangi has taken another interesting turn with a big twist in Mannu (Mohit Kumar) and Gargi’s (Kangan Baruah) life! Shweta’s (Manika Mehrotra) entry into the house has definitely made Mannu and the rest of the Mauryas extremely apprehensive. Though Shweta and her mother appear innocent, only Daddy (Satyajit Sharma) knows their true colours and he has taken it upon himself to solve this problem. In the upcoming episodes, Shweta has begun to perceive Mannu in a new light. She sees him for who he is and gradually grows to like him. She notices Mannu and Gargi’s relationship and realises that it could have all been hers.

Shweta then plans to create a rift between the two so that she can get back into Mannu’s life as his wife. She purposely creates a situation where she calls Mannu and tells him that some goons are troubling her and Mannu being the good man that he is, goes to save her. It so happens that he had to fight the goons and in the process, his shirt gets ruined. When Gargi sees his shirt, she asks him about it, to prevent Gargi from any hurt he lies to her. However, Shweta has other plans where she tells the tale to Gargi. 

Will this cause a wedge between Mannu and Gargi?

Manika Mehrotra essaying the role of Mannu in Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi said, “Shweta’s character is an absolute pleasure to play a character like this one who knows what she wants and just goes for it. The equation between Shweta and Mannu has taken an interesting turn and we’re excited to see that the audience is in great anticipation of what will eventually happen. Will Shweta’s actions affect Mannu and Gargi’s relationship and will she find her place back as Mannu’s wife. We’re sure this track will be enjoyed by everyone. Stay tuned.”  

Stay Tuned to Sab Satrangi, Mon-Sat, 7:30 PM only on Sony SAB!

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