Mira Kapoor Gets Her YouTube Silver Play Button

Mira Kapoor Gets Her YouTube Silver Play Button

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Kapoor never fails to impress us with her content that spans across beauty and self-care routines, holistic living and her super fun girls’ holidays. Mira creates content that is real and authentic on her social media. Recently she earned the YouTube Play button, in just 5 months of starting her own channel. Mira’s fans cannot get enough of the celebrity content creator.

While speaking about the same, Mira Kapoor said, “I enjoy creating content that is organic and sharing my learnings and tips. Thank you to my subscribers for all their sweet comments (which I always read) and appreciating my work!”

Mira has always been a strong advocate of healthy living and beauty from the inside out. This belief system led to turn investor in wellness brands that have a perfect synergy with her way of life – Zama Organics and Wellbeing Nutrition. She also recently collaborated with NA-KD on Nykaa Fashion, and the fashion crew are loving her style game!


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