Kajal Khanchandani: The uniqueness of Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan lies in the way love is being depicted in it

Kajal Khanchandani: The uniqueness of Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan lies in the way love is being depicted in it

Kajal Khanchandani is a part of Prateek Sharma’s ( Studio LSD) new TV drama, Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan. She plays the role of Dadi in it. The actor says that the name of the show is quite unique and her first thought about the show was that it is a love story. But then when she found out that it’s a very different kind of pure, unadulterated love, like that of Radha and Krishna, it got her interested all the more.

“The uniqueness of the show lies in the way love is depicted in it. And, it is not how we perceive love today, it is love that is never possessed; on the contrary, gives freedom and is happy in the happiness of the beloved. This pure and unconditional love is the reason this world is still a better place,” she says.

Talking about the show, she adds, “I am playing the Dadi of the main protagonist, Radha (Niharika Roy).  I love my granddaughter a lot. Since Radha lost her mother at a very young age, her father  is very lenient towards her. Knowing that both the father and the daughter are innocent, I try to be a little strict and controlling with Radha. I try to explain to her how the world will try to perceive and analyse her devotional love for Mohan and will give her only pain and suffering for her pure and unconditional love. Since I love her a lot, I don’t want her to go through any torture.”

The backdrop of the story of PKPNRS is Vrindavan. “The holy town of Vrindavan is where Krishna spent his early days. It is the place of Radha and Krishna’s eternal love. One can literally feel the divine vibrations here,” she sounds emotional.

PKPNRS is Kajal’s first show of 2022. “Last year, I was a part of Mann Sundar on Dangal Channel. I feel it is important for an actor to be open to doing different roles. We have to quickly unlearn, relearn and switch roles and offer audiences some freshness in the character. So I don’t think a break is therefore necessary,” she adds.

These days, be it the storyline or the characters, content on TV has become relatable. “Of course, it’s true. If I look at myself as an audience, I connect easily with stories that talk about real day-to-day life issues and real characters. I guess the same thing applies to everyone,” she says.

The actor also shares that regional connection helps popularise a show. “Yes, attire, and dialect do matter. Like I said earlier, if the character is relatable and convincing, the audiences connect very well,” adds Kajal, who takes every new show as a new adventure because in reality she is an adventurous person and does not shy away from trying new things.

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