Laal Rang Actress Pia Bajpiee Unfolds Salacious Facts about her Ayurvedic ‘Sattvic’ Diet

Laal Rang Actress Pia Bajpiee Unfolds Salacious Facts about her Ayurvedic ‘Sattvic’ Diet

Bollywood and South Actress Pia Bajpayee has been on an upward ascend in her career from Kollywood movies like _Ko_ and _Goa_ to Bollywood movies like _Laal Rang_ and _The Virgins_. Giving us insights about her special Diet that she has been following to stay in shape, the _Mirza Juliet_ actress talks about how the modern day men and women are bombarded with unhealthy choices and it becomes difficult to hunt for the right ones. 
A vegetarian at heart, Pia Bajpiee states that she tried an 11 day No grains diet as a beginner trial and when it went really well, she continued further. “The sad reality of our times today is that we need some professional telling us what we should eat and what we shouldn’t. This was not the case in our parents’ times and they lived a simpler happier life. With being exposed to so many unhealthy, foods and items, marketed for commercial reasons, it is rather difficult to make choices that are best for us.” 
When asked for fitness advice, Pia goes on to say that,” Everyone has a different body and structure and metabolism and hence a particular diet may not work for all. You have to find one that suits you and work on that. I have personally started a detoxing ‘Sattvic’ diet that consists of all fresh and organic food. This cleanses the body from within and makes you feel light and happy. Switching to fruits and vegetables instead of carbs has an advantage that to can eat whenever you feel hungry.” 
Pia Bajpiee will next be seen in the movie _Lost_ releasing soon and have kept the audience waiting for her upcoming performance.


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