Director Nivedita Basu: As a celebrity your privacy goes for a toss

Director Nivedita Basu: As a celebrity your privacy goes for a toss

Be it Johnny Depp-Amber Heard’s defamation trial or Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Harnaaz opening up about being body shamed or Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas becoming parents via surrogacy, are celeb stories, among many others, that also make headlines. And, it is often seen how every such incident leads to people judging these known names without knowing the truth that lies behind. Agreeing, Tadoor director Nivedita Basu shares it’s sad that a celebrity is judged all the time, a scanner is always prepared to find more about them. While some known faces do it by choice, some unwilling have to come under the scanner.

“Fortunately, I did not land up in any controversy but yes even switching jobs gets tough. I remember the time when I was leaving Ekta Kapoor back in 2014-15 there was a whole controversy built that there must be something wrong between us as otherwise why would I leave the organisation after 15 years. The answer is in the question itself and that is the fact that I have already clocked so many years at one place, so the time came when I wanted to do something different, so I moved into films. It’s all that people put their own speculation and make their own stories,” she says.

Social media makes everything go viral and most of them enjoy the attention, but there are others who react to it too.

“I think social media has given a lot of occupation to actors and people. Today when I go to events, there are so many people who are just so confident and I would have probably seen them as normal people 20 years back with no confidence and not knowing where they are headed and asking for work. Today people are celebs in their own way and that is a good part of social media,” she adds.

Fame has its price. Being a celebrity is not a joke as it comes with its own baggage and responsibilities. “Yes, your privacy goes for a toss and everyone has their own speculations to deal with. As a celebrity you have a lot of social responsibility as a lot of people look up to. I remember when people were doing mythological shows and posted photos wearing regular clothes and not costumes, they received flak. The moment you hit fame and become a celebrity, there is a lot more baggage on you. It is really sad… We can’t forget that celebs are human beings too,” she ends.


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