Arun Mandola: Daily soaps require ordinary looking actors that look like the common man

Arun Mandola: Daily soaps require ordinary looking actors that look like the common man

While his long tresses have been lucky for him in shows such as Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman and Vighnaharta Ganesh, actor Arun Mandola says that he plans on cutting them short. The actor, who wants to focus on daily soaps now, says that this look doesn’t work too well there.

“Since the last 15-17 years, I have had long hair. Daily soap requires short hair and an ordinary face. They need faces which look like the common man. So, I also want to experiment and I plan to cut my hair and make it short,” he says.
Talking about why he stuck on with the look since so long, Arun says, “When I was young, all the stars, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, everyone had long hair. So this was my dream that if I have to work in showbiz, I will do it with long hair. I had to face a lot of difficulty as well due to this. But I feel that if you don’t take a risk, you can never succeed. Sometimes these risks work and sometimes they don’t. For me, this was my risk… there were so many people who I was competing with and I really felt that I should have an X factor. For me, I wanted to make it with my long hair.”

Meanwhile, the actor is also hoping to sigh some good films in the future. “I want to also try my hand at films now. I joined the industry not to earn money but to satisfy my creativity. Films have short term projects and you can satisfy your creativity. I want to focus on that. In the last 2-3 years, I questioned myself on what was I here for and what was I doing. I realised that my focus got diverted. I want to go towards films and web series,” he says.


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