Unless women are paid equally, will not deem anything concrete when it comes to gender equality, says Somy Ali

 Unless women are paid equally, will not deem anything concrete when it comes to gender equality, says  Somy Ali

Actress Somy Ali says that while a lot has been said about gender equality, pay disparity still exists and that needs to change. This International Women’s Day, the actress urges people to work on paying the same amount to men and women for equal work. “Given that studies have shown that the glass ceiling still exists in varying levels in different nations and regions across the world; unless I see a world where women are paid equally for the exact work as men put in, I will not deem anything concrete or promising when it comes to gender equality,” she says.

While the actress admits that there has been some progress in this area, she adds that a lot more is left to be done. “On a more optimistic note, I have observed women holding significantly high job titles from let’s say ten years ago. Hence, there is progress, but we still have a long way to go. As for the industry, astronomical progression with married actresses working and bringing home an income. In some instances, more than their husbands and what’s beautiful is some of these men are proud of their wife’s success,” she says.

Somy, who runs an NGO titled No More Tears that works to protect, rescue and assist victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, adds, “In my life, I still see a male-dominated world, it’s definitely better than what it used to be, but again it’s not where I would like it to be. In my work, ironically women are believed to Flight or fight dbe victims of abuse more than men, so it is working backwards. Men are supposed to be macho and strong, thus I have observed through my NGO that men have a harder time getting or even reaching out for help.” Somy forthcoming docuseries  FIGHT OR FLIGHT on Discovery Plus is a big talking point.

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