I love the music, and vibe of Punjabi numbers, says  Saurabh Prajapati on choreographing London Da Lakk

I love the music, and vibe of Punjabi numbers, says Saurabh Prajapati on choreographing London Da Lakk

Saurabh Prajapati, who is touted to be the youngest choreographer and director in showbiz, recently choreographed Dhokebaaz and has already completed his next project as well. Saurabh has choreographed the song London Da Lakk:The Landers. “I choreographed London Da Lakk by the Landers. I have always liked their music and their singing style. I feel The Landers have their own USP as an artist,” he says, adding, “To be honest I have not done many Punjabi songs but I feel I will start doing it more often because I love their music and vibe.”

Ask him if choreographing Punjabi songs is different from choreographing Bollywood numbers, and he says, “There is not much of a difference. No matter which language the song is in when it comes to rhythm and musicality and beats, it’s always the same. The music bar will always remain on eight counts, no matter which language it is in. When we choreograph, we always follow rhythm and beats,” he says.

In fact, he is very fond of Punjabi numbers. “Punjabi songs are most of the time very colourful and peppy. They are known for that from the start but I feel now even the Punjabi industry trend is changing, they are also changing their pattern. Which is good since they love to do experiments which are the best thing,” he says.

He adds, “As long as you understand everything musically, life becomes easy. Musicality matters a lot, language is not an issue in my case. I do all kinds of songs. I love to do all kinds of flavours as an artist. I love to do experiments. It gives me so much happiness and makes my days exciting. And I always love to take up challenges.”  In fact, his next number is also not a Hindi track. “My next one is also a song in a different language for which I’m super excited. I can’t reveal much yet,” he says.

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