Celebs talk about getting inked, and the tattoo they like the most

Celebs talk about getting inked, and the tattoo they like the most

Tattoos are considered a fashion statement, for some it has an emotional or spiritual value. People like getting their favourite quotes, faces, designs inked in their bodies. Celebrities too are seen flaunting their tattoos in style. In this feature, they talk to JYOTHI VENKATESH about the story behind their tattoos, what is the next tattoo they want to get next and their favourite celeb tattoo. They also share the process of getting ink, whether they research and design the idea themselves or leave it to the tattoo artists to decide as they are experts.

Srishti Jain
I recently got my first ever tattoo. Actually, I got two of them together. I’m a huge Shiv Bhakt, so I got a really cool Trishul on one hand and the other one is a symbol for earth and water. My mom and I are water signs and my father and sister are earth signs, so that was the thought behind it. I searched on the internet for years before I found the design of my first tattoo. These two designs were specifically picked and I wanted something delicate. I don’t really know what I want to get next, but I was thinking of getting my sister’s name tattooed, she’s the greatest gift of my life. Brad Pitt has a very minimalist and classy tattoo on his forearm with the initials of his family members, I love that.
Ginnie Virdi
I’m going to get my daughter’s name tattooed on my back. I love the anchor on my arms and there is a story behind it. My mom always says that ‘ginnie ko samunder me bhi agar phenk do toh woh kinara dhoond hee legi anchor ki tarah’, so that is why I got this tattoo. It is the first tattoo of my life. I just love Katy Perry’s tattoo called ‘anugachat parwah ‘which means go with the flow.
Shivani Gosain
Shiv damru, which is a very important part of Shiv symbol, is missing from my Shivshakti tattoo. I always wanted to get a permanent tattoo but was not sure as I wanted something which I will never regret on my body. I wanted a Shiv symbol as I worship Lord Shiva. Highlighting Shiv with my name in it as Shivani is one of Durga’s names is what I wanted. So, I asked the tattoo artist to give me a few simple designs showing Shiv Trishul, I selected one but was finding it incomplete so when I went to get it done I asked him to add Durga’s eyes with a red round bindi. It did complete my Shiv shakti symbol. I also got another one on my father’s birthday on July 5, 2016. I am really fascinated with the Shiva universe and  seven chakras tattoos. I like Ajay Devgan’s tattoos and the seven chakras on Pavitra Punia’s back.
Hemant Chaddha
I haven’t really thought about whether I want to get another tattoo. If I really do, I may extend the one I already have as the design is such that it can be incorporated into a larger one. I was always fascinated with tattoos growing up. Saw them on Hollywood actors and singers, wrestlers all the time, so I always wanted to get at least one. When getting inked started becoming a rage in India I just knew I had to get it. I have two tattoos, the first one was planned and I had an idea in my head about what I wanted, It’s a tribal motif and I liked it as it can be extended later if I want to have it wrap around my entire bicep. The second one was more of an impulse. My friend was getting his tattoo done and I got one too.  Dwayne ‘ The Rock’ Johnson’s tattoo is my most favourite one.

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