AWW-dorable! This is why Sony SAB’s Dharm Yoddha Garud’s Vinta and Garud’s on-screen and offscreen chemistry is so phenomenal!

AWW-dorable! This is why Sony SAB’s Dharm Yoddha Garud’s Vinta and Garud’s on-screen and offscreen chemistry is so phenomenal!

Right since its inception, Sony SAB’s mythological magnum opus Dharm Yoddha Garud has kept the audience hooked with its intriguing narrative and stunning visuals. Featuring an amazing ensemble of actors, the show offers a peek into the life of Garud (Faisal Khan) and his undying zeal to free his mother from the shackles of bondage. Born into subjugation, Garud started a crusade against fate to win back the honour of his mother Vinta (Toral Rasputra), who was deceived by her own sister Kadru is forced into slavery. Garud’s unflinching love for his mother is the backbone of this show and their bond is what makes Dharm Yoddha Garud a promising watch. Let’s see what the actors have to say about their equation:

In a candid conversation, Faisal Khan spills the beans on whom he calls his favourite co-star, “Toral is a top class actor. She has a very welcoming presence around her and I could not have been more blessed to have her play the character of Vinta. We share a very close bond offscreen and that translates very well on camera. Toral is my go-to person on the set and whenever I feel bogged down or even bored, I know where to go and it just helps ease off the pressure. There is a certain level of authenticity in our bond that reflects on screen and I think the audience can tell that just like Vinta and Garud, Toral and Faisal are also inseparable.

Toral Rasputra shares the same thoughts and feels that Faisal is “not only the most hardworking actor on set but is also the most fun person. In such a short time, I am very attached to my character Vinta and my son, Garud. Although we play a mother-son duo onscreen, we have quite a candid equation off it. When he doesn’t have his wings on, Faisal is usually playing pranks on everyone on set and that sets the mood for the day. In such a small age, I think he has achieved a lot and our hard work and perseverance is reflecting very well. A mother and son’s love is very pristine and having a good bond offscreen helps us perform better as our characters.

Commenting on the bond their characters share, Faisal Khan says, “The world is witnessing love at its purest form. Garud can move mountains to regain his mother’s respect. It is Vinta’s love that has shaped him into the noble and righteous being that he is.  Infact, despite all her suffering, it is Vinta who has led him into a positive direction and at a time when integrity was hard to find, she blessed him with that virtue. I believe Toral is doing a fantastic job essaying the character and bringing alive all the layers in her character in its full glory.”

Toral Rasputra further adds, “History has been a witness to Vinta and Garud’s bond and I can only say that what makes their bond classic is that Vinta lives for Garud. While Garud fights for her freedom, Vinta seems to have accepted her fate. She just doesn’t want her son to share the same fate and is always praying to Lord Vishnu, that her son who was born to be the ruler of the skies should get what he deserves. Both are each other’s biggest support and in a way they work towards bettering each others’ lives. I think the entire unit was brought together by fate and I am really thankful to work with such an amazing bunch of actors, especially Faisal.”

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