The audience now is intelligent and much sophisticated…they can’t be fooled by some cheap bed scenes or over-dramatic scenes,  says He Man Arun Mandola

 The audience now is intelligent and much sophisticated…they can’t be fooled by some cheap bed scenes or over-dramatic scenes,  says He Man Arun Mandola

The Kashmir Files doing exceedingly well, it seems the focus is once again back on realistic cinema. Arun Mandola feels it’s a good thing that the audience is enjoying such content. The Vighnaharta Ganesha and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman actor then talks about TV, especially whether the medium is ready for such kind of content.

“The audience now is intelligent and much sophisticated. They have actually changed, but it seems show makers are yet to understand their taste. A lot of them are still making shows based on the same old concepts. People don’t want to see seductive or soft porn in web series or melodramatic shows. You cannot fool the new generation by showing some cheap bed scenes or over dramatic scenes,” he says.

If he could change one thing about the television industry and its shows, then Arun knows exactly what he would have done. “You have to take your own risk and take the chance to change the whole scene. This is my calculation; in future people will see what exactly they want to and reject everything that doesn’t compliment their taste.  Still If I get a chance I will choose a new location to shoot, like any hill station in Uttarakhand and use some content on real stories. I have lots of concepts in my mind and I am sure I will be able to use them soon,” he adds.

Talking about how the entertainment industry changed from the first time he started his journey to now, and he says a lot has evolved. He has also grown as a performer.

“I have always dreamt of becoming an actor. Even as a child I observed Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood films and TV shows. In the 80s and 90s, content was more powerful. But 2000 to 2010s things were worse, illogical movies and useless TV shows used to be made. In the next 10 years things changed. I think 2022 to 2030 will be a game changer for Indian cinema,” he adds.

In the last two years, according to Arun, work and lifestyle has changed. “It has become extremely tough to balance both. The reason is that during the pandemic I did my whole personal and professional work by myself and that’s why my life became too busy. So yes somewhere my life tilted towards one direction, but now I am recovering and getting back on track,” he says.

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