Zenzi launches ‘Just Soda’ – your new go-to calorie-free soda

Zenzi launches ‘Just Soda’ – your new go-to calorie-free soda

Zenzi was the outcome of Aman Rastogi’s acute and detailed observation; there exists a dearth of affordable and flavourful sparkling water in the country. However, since leading a healthy life is quickly becoming a priority, relishing in soft and sugary drinks seems to be an unhealthy option. In order to provide an alternative to the soft and sugar-loaded drinks, Aman came up with the idea of launching Zenzi – a naturally flavoured sparkling water. The mantra of ‘Growing together with nature’ represents Zenzi in all totality, as it firmly believes in mindful healthy choices, for a better living and a better future inclusive of all.

Amid scorching heat, home bar setups have gained momentum. However, to master the art of being a homebound barista we consciously forage the aisles for something healthier, cleaner, and premium to go with our cocktails and heavy drinks. Blow out a sigh of relief as Zenzi brings to you its calorie-free soda that’s crisp and bubbly. Zenzi India’s first flavoured sparkling water infused with botanicals and fruits introduces this exciting drink for all the new age sober curious drink aficionados. Be it our home bar or alfresco drinking we are inclined toward mindful and sober curious drinking in the post-pandemic era.

While warm weather is an official declaration for you to sip on chilled beverages, juices, beers, and so on, think of refreshing and soul-satisfying drinks blended with this calorie-free soda. These drinks maketh our day, and are eventually incomplete without a punch of soda. This light and fun beverage bursts with a bubbling zest to enhance our drinking experience. Zenzi’s addition of all-natural Zenzi soda is a perfect guilt-free mixer for your cocktails and mocktails. It’s brilliantly crafted with 0 calories, sugar, and sodium for those who center health as a prime aspect of their lives.

Zenzi’s avant-garde addition of all-natural soda to its sparkling water family aligns with the brand’s mantra of “growing together”. As today’s consumers are mindful of their lifestyle this is Zenzi’s sustainable approach toward quality over quantity where products are good for us as well as for the planet. Hence, their bottles are curated through 100% recyclable PET bottles. This beverage is not just your other soda rather it is strictly “Just Soda”.

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