We have Jaipur based Perfect Woman Mrs Zeba Khan, a single mother with beautiful and grown up daughters who fought for her rights looking at daughters

We have Jaipur based Perfect Woman Mrs Zeba Khan, a single mother with beautiful and grown up daughters who fought for her rights looking at daughters

Your Journey

My journey was not easy for me I was 23 year old just finished my post graduation ,got married just after one month of my marriage ,I was tortured physically and mentally by my husband & in laws .After 1 year of my marriage my retina of both eyes got detached because of physically torture and got operated for the same. They always abused my parents. after 5 years of my marriage my elder daughter was born when I was pregnant for my second child my husband pulled my legs and throw me on floor , my spine got ruptured I was on bed completely for 2 years ,could not even sit or walk, still I am facing lot of problems . Apart from that I started job for my earning ,so my journey was very tough but I never give up.

Enlighten us more about more on “Your Career ”

My husband never supported me so I had to take up the financial responsibility looking at my two daughters, despite of my spine injury I took up my career 16 years ago working as a teacher, still date I am working as an educationist . Teaching has been my passion and I feel happy to see few of my students who turned to successful in their life working with reputed companies in India as well as in middle east. This is the best achievement of my life. I am really feel proud that I have taken many students to good level. I am also an educational consultant of Rajasthan now. My career journey also was not easy for me from an educationist to become an educational consultant .

Challenges in life..

If I had to say about challenges in life the I must say life is full of challenges. I started facing challenges from the same day I got married . I had faced an abusive married life even my In laws always treated me roughly and never supported me with this, and I had to live with it as in those days due to less communication technology was never allowed to speak to my parents who were far away in Jaipur nor a phone call was allowed even I was not allowed to visit my parent’s house ,with so much domestic violence problems I had started my career from school as a teacher I never gave up my daily routine was to do job and in evening to look my daughters and taught the best I could do for them I went through different challenges but I never give up and that’s life…

Your message for the readers of Perfect Woman Magazine?

My message for all the readers that they should be confident and they should know how to make value of herself in front of the society .She never give up whatever the situation she is handling, she should stand confidently in front of all the situations in their lives.

What inspired you to take it forward …

When I started my career as a teacher I realised that if I teach them properly academics as well as moral values, I can make them wonderful citizens of our nation .In this way I can contribute in country’s development by providing best students for it. After that this profession became my passion and I am extremely happy to teach so many students yearly I always want to continue this precious profession till my last breathe.

Experience being a woman contributing in dominating industry…

Women can contribute in a dominating industry if she is confident in her decision .Women are the primary care takers of children and elders in every country of the world at the same time she can do any challenging jobs with so much confidence. I must say confidence should be there in every woman to facing any challenges.

Your say for women who wish to take up same profession…

I must say to all women that this profession is very precious profession and we make so many professionals. This teaching profession is a root of every professional.

Your wishes for Perfect Woman Magazine?

I wish for the perfect woman magazine to explore the different stories of women like me in the society .so everybody knows how we accept challenges in our daily life, and always try to give our best to our family.

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