“My Work Is My Passion, I Love What I Do”… Seema Saxena

“My Work Is My Passion, I Love What I Do”… Seema Saxena

It has been seven years since the establishment of Jashn Event Management and Promoters. Seema and her team are working for promotion and marketing of books and authors, Authors approach them not only from different parts of India but all over the world. From all the leading publishing houses of India to self publishing books , Jashn events is always there to help authors and books with all the genres. Through Jashn events seema has created a one stop solution for authors , where they can promote, market and get a good reach of readers through online and offline promotions. Let’s meet this inspirational woman…

– PW

How would you define your self…

Just a simple personality, a postgraduate with English literature and I am Founder – director of Jashn event Management and Promoters .

Love reading, music and travelling.

How did Jashn came in existence.

As told you I love reading books a lot. While reading few authors influenced me a lot and that made me meet them. So for that I kept visiting to book launches and met authors there. I found there are people for famous authors but there is no one for new bees. So I thought why not me for them? And then Jashn came in the picture.

Did you ever thought you would on Jashn

There were no such plans. One day I got a call to arrange a book launch for a new author. This clicked my passion for books and that’s where it started from .

Journey so far…

Journey has been wonderful and fulfilling so far. Meeting new people every time, every day new learning.

Above all, my work is my passion. I love what I do.

What motivates you…

Helping people in making their dreams come true is what keeps me motivated, beliebe in yourself.

Challenges in Life

There are lot of challenges in this field. Because of pandemic during lockdown suddenly we had to convert all our events into digital one, for which people were not prepared and then once again after things are getting normal, it’s hard to gather people for physical events. But we are learning that too. Important is to face the challenges and overcome them. Accepting ll flaws and yes its well said by Roy T. Bennett “Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey”.

Something about Jashn

Jashn events is a one stop solution for authors , where they can promote, market and get a good reach of readers through online and offline promotions . We have created bloggers & reviewers group, writers association and also organise literary events where authors can participate and promote themselves. The strategies are created especially for new authors, because with first book every new author is clueless. At Jashn Events we are helping authors to reach literary agents and Publishers too. We help authors in getting media coverage’s in online news portals, websites & newspapers too.

Message for Perfect Woman readers.

Be strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy women are the prettiest one

Believe in miracles. Don’t focus on limitations; believe in your dreams.

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