Face of the Month : A Successful Woman & A Successful Model – Aarti Salve

Face of the Month : A Successful Woman & A Successful Model – Aarti Salve

Aarti Salve an ambitious woman who turned from a next door housewife to an successful model with the strong self-belief and a supporting husband, This beautiful couple proved marriage is all about understanding and encouraging each other’s dreams. She always wanted to be a model and was fascinated for glamour industry but couldn’t make it but after marriage she shared about same with husband who is from Police force and today with Perfect Woman she shares her inspiring journey as Face of The Month…

– PW, Asmita

Your Journey

Challenging! It wasn’t easy and something which I can’t even imagine as I being from a simple orthodox family background and was always interested in modelling and acting with no support from anyone, It was my marriage that came as turning point for me when I told about my dream to my husband who stood like a pillar for me neglecting our typical mind set of our Indian society and their thought about a married woman. I feel marriage is blessing if you have a compatible partner and I am the luckiest…

Challenges in life..

As I said earlier life is the other name for challenges we all have to taste it and the best are the ones who overcome them with dedication, I often got rejected for my looks and skin tone but that never demotivated me and I kept moving.

Your say for women who wish to take up the same profession

I feel we all learn with time and so are all women strong today while taking the decision as nothing comes for easy and rejections are part of any profession so be prepared people will troll you down but never stop dreaming with your eyes open, remember you have invisible wings never stop flying….

Your wishes for Perfect Woman Magazine?

It’s good to be a part of such a magazine who encourage and motivate woman like me and many more who have been the victim of our orthodox society who dominate women.

Your message for the readers of Perfect Woman Magazine?

Every woman is perfect and we are the perfect creation from the creater of the universe, we run the world and we are shakti, so trust yourself and always live for your dream…

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