“Create A Beautiful Place To Live”… RADHIKA NAIKAWADI

“Create A Beautiful Place To Live”… RADHIKA NAIKAWADI

Read on to her story in her own words, we have Radhika Naikawadi from Pune Maharashtra 38 years old homemaker blessed with two kids, a commerce graduate with seven years experience as franchisee holder…

– PW, Dr Geet S Thakkar

Importance of my career

I guess in my early 40s where I will consider myself as young naughty 40 I have understood the art of approaching people and converse with them with their thoughts and brainstorming each other’s idea and to show the equal vision where the Networking And social knowledge will be in lead.

Challenges of my life

Challenges of my life is where I have proved, if you prioritise your life hierarchies and allow yourself to be first with the promised that you will holding hands of someone with the same vision then your challenges becomes your formula of success .


I have interested journey of my life my family deals with preventive health check up named as Indus health plus which work pan India I was a late entrant in this family therefore a small part of the association was me looking call centre customer care service where I started interacting and training females , there I discovered my passion and my art in dealing kids that was the time I was expecting my 1st child with the experience working with Aditya Birla, Allen Solly being a single female franchisee dealing in Male fashion world Help me to understand the connection from youngsters till the matured grey hair person . After completing my tenure of 5 years with Allen Solly I went ahead and opt for being a home tutor as I was understanding this pandemic mainly was hitting small kids academic studies ,as they were studying online but not understanding the basics till the time here I help them and I met the lovely families. During this journey I need a little motivation for myself as the age is only the number but a risk bearing factor is still available in me what is my question and here I enrol myself in beauty pageant named Tiska Mrs India One in million. I had a confidence as I knew I can see my vision with a clear thoughts and I won second runner up for a Mrs India. I cannot express with few words how I met 75 females with the maturity treating each other as the winners where we really miss this maturity in our daily life. After this opportunity I have Discovered my inner values and want to motivate all those female who is looking for an opportunity to exclude them self.

My wish for Perfect Woman Magazine

My wish for Perfect Woman magazine let’s grow every day holding each other’s hand sharing our vision with our children’s. Believe in gender equality and allowing others to walk with us with a strong will power.

Message to all readers of Perfect Woman Magazine

I want to give a message to all my friends right from my family, colleagues, neighbours and country people HELP each other to grow with each other’s help ,allow all mistakes With proper guidance share all kind language e.g. please , sorry and Thank you ,pledge For each other’s respect. Create a beautiful place to live.

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