“You Can’t Do It” And Tell The World “I Am Worth It”. ..Ashmeen Anand

“You Can’t Do It” And Tell The World “I Am Worth It”. ..Ashmeen Anand

Is an entrepreneur by profession in Human Resource since last 15 years and has been counselling coaching people online and offline. Ashmeen Anand, a perfect woman who has also worked with the NGO in Gurgaon for 1.5 years which gave me opportunity to interact with less privilege kids and to understand their mindset and help them overcoming their fears. She worked with EDUCOMP as a HR Recruitment manager where the set up of the university was done single handily by her. She is full fledged involved  in her HR business after taking a sabbatical from Educomp. Strong Woman’s like her inspires zillions of us. So, let’s dive in her journey and know more about her…

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Something About You

I, Ashmeen Kaur Anand , am first a proud to be an Indian woman, who stands tall in her own rights. I take my sensitivity to be my strength and core value. It has helped me learn, realise, implement and walk ahead. Hailing from Varanasi, I have lived in Jalandhar, Mumbai and currently residing in Gurgaon. I have been a working woman for the most of my life. Striking a balance between work and life is a necessity which I always bear in mind.

Your Journey so far

Ashmeen K Anand is an entrepreneur by profession in the field of Human Resource since the last 15 years. She has been counselling and coaching individuals, online and offline. Having worked worked with an NGO in Gurgaon for 1.5 years gave her an opportunity to interact with lesser privileged kids which helped her understand their mindset. This thereby empowered her to help them in overcoming their fears and standing confident in their rights. Her myriad passions include exercising which encompasses her mind and body. She adores travelling and exploring the world and then curling up

What you like most about your profession?

As a Human Resource Manager, I get to deal with the most enthralling and exciting minds. I get to hear their side of the stories and help them find the perfect career paths for them. I like the exposure it gets me. The very fact, that I deal with humans, the social animals with ever changing temperaments, has made me more resilient and accommodating in life. I believe that “nothing is permanent but change” and thus, working around the ever changing work schedules, it keeps me charged with energy to be training, counselling and motivating individuals.

Challenges in Life

Tell me a life without challenge and I will turn around and say that the person hasn’t lived at all. I have conquered all the negative voices around me that believe that women cannot balance work and home. I am mother of two and a successful entrepreneur, who before starting her own venture worked with multiple organisations. Every stumbling rock in my profession is it work place politics or a misconception, I stood my ground when right and humbled when I was wrong. I guess this strength has helped me empower many women who are shut down by the society.

How do you manage work and life?

The key here is balance and in the battle of life, she has experienced that plans are useless but planning is indispensable. Women, since early civilization stand tall and today also, they stand in all the fields like social, economic, education, political and psychological against all odds.  Planning is an important part to achieve the goal, an hour of planning can increases the possibility to achieve the goals.

Your wish for perfect woman

A perfect woman is the one who embraces womanhood and is a nurturer. She does it pull the other women down but holds her and walks in glory. A perfect woman shuts down the negative voice that says “you can’t do it” and tells the world “I am worth it”. She is a “nurturer, a giver and a fountain of love and peace.”

Your message for readers

To all my dear readers, I would say, “Be your authentic self, because everyone else is taken.” Rise up every day, to welcome the rays of light and tell yourself how beautiful you are inside out. Believe in the little voice within you and March ahead to realise your goals, empowering women on the way. Honour your own needs. Work, exercise, party, play around, and do not kill the child inside you.

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10 thoughts on ““You Can’t Do It” And Tell The World “I Am Worth It”. ..Ashmeen Anand

  1. Ashmeen Anand we are extremely proud of you. Women like you are definitely an inspiration to the society. Being a women it’s definitely very challenging to keep up the work life balance and you have inspired many women in the society by showing the society that Nothing is Impossible !


  2. Lovely….truly a strong lady …very happy go lucky girl…she loves to live life on her terms an does so …am proud u do so Ashmeen …many women try to an land up realizing it a little late …so cheers to u girl…truly an inspiration…


  3. I know Ashmeen as a fellow neighbour and over the years, it is a pleasure to see her work hard and party harder. She is a woman of steel and I love the way her positive energy is contagious. I am glad to read this article. I wish and hope she continues to follow her heart and gets what she deserves in life.


  4. You truly are an inspiration…modern yet holding on to our culture…love your philosophy towards life…more and more power to you woman🌸


  5. Yes u r worth it …. Nurturing so many other lives apart from ur own life takes a great effort devotion n time as well…. Blessed you are…. Wish n hope always success n loads of love to u n ur family…❤️❤️❤️


  6. Beautiful Message😊
    Women empower women, sharing your strength and your journey of course encourage other women to listen to their mind and remind themselves that you can do it.


  7. Well said Ashmeen!! Nicely written article and Wonderful to know you as a positive person who keeps spreading love with your infectious laughter and zeal 💕


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