Unstoppable Woman…Dr Anita Gupta

Unstoppable Woman…Dr Anita Gupta

Dr. Anita Gupta a passionate woman, a work-holic, a multitasker, kind soul, confident and believes in helping others. She is an unstoppable woman and always holds the fire in her belly. The story of AG began with being a financial analyst, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, career guidance coach and co – editor at books of records. She is also into social activities with various NGO’s and Lions club. She has won different awards and has been honoured thrice with honorary doctorate from the Universities of USA and Italy. She has grown phenomenally in her career. With Perfect Woman she shares her incredible journey so far….

– PW, Muskaan T

Your Journey

My Journey from being a corporate trainer to motivational speaker, celebrity Anchor, Financial Analyst and a Mother is wondrous and I feel proud to be the master in all. As it is said earning is not difficult but managing it is and I am able to manage all the achievements.

Enlighten us more about your career

I have been graduated in Commerce, then completed Human Resource Management after that have pursued 1st level of International CFA. Have also completed many other courses and finally my PHD with research. Further I want to grow more as an entrepreneur into financial services having my branches across Pan India.

Challenges in Life

Well challenges are part of life it goes with Success there are many to list down but right focus brings all the things back to track. If you have the will and courage to do things you can achieve anything and everything in life.

What inspired you to take it forward

“Don’t let other’s tell you what you can’t do. Don’t let the limitations of others limit your vision. When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go. My inspiration is all those people around me who said NO you can’t do this. As a women, a wife, a mother you have lot of responsibilities. You won’t be able to manage. I take this opportunity to thank all of them who said NO because of that I grew stronger.

Experience being a woman contributing in dominating industry.

As a working woman in Industries, we face variety of challenges including societal expectations and beliefs about women’s leadership abilities. Pervasive stereotypes such as that of the caring mother. I focus on what my current work can bring towards me, the extra skills, industry knowledge which I can take to the next level. I always strive to be inspirational and optimistic. And Yes have confidence in myself.

Your wishes for perfect woman magazine

I was pleased to hear about Perfect woman Magazine. I thank Perfect woman magazine who has showcased women entrepreneurs. I personally wish the entire team associated with this magazine a successful publication and heartfelt congratulations for their commendable efforts and wish everyone a bright future.

Your message for readers of perfect woman magazine

Perfect woman magazine is a wonderful platform created by Dr Khooshi Gurubhai to showcase our talents and to reach out to various personalities. As we have heard many times “Surround yourself with the right people”, after coming across Perfect woman magazine I felt that my search for the right platform is over. This is the right platform for all of us Ladies… Come forward and be a part of it. Loads of Love to you all. Thank you.

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