“Self Believe, Faith And Humanity Is The Most Essence Of Our Life”… Sreemoyee Mazumder

“Self Believe, Faith And Humanity Is The Most Essence Of Our Life”… Sreemoyee Mazumder

Sreemoyee Mazumder, a Clinical Child Counsellor, Educator and Social Activist and mother of A Child Prodigy, who always believed in herself and worked without thinking twice and also without any expectations of any rewards. A Pune based perfect woman is set to share her journey with Perfect Woman.

– PW , Asmita

Your Journey

As a Social worker my journey begins when I was in 12th standard. I tried to support few old-age home and underprivileged kids with the help of my father’s contribution as a pocket money given by him to me. But after that when I have started working the journey continued.

Enlighten us more about “Career”

I worked in Many Educational Institutions as an educator and after that I pursued Psychology from United Kingdom.

Challenges in life..

Everything was going on very smoothly until 2019 when within a year I lost 5 close family members that include my mom too. I broke me from inside. Being a mother of Prodigy kid is again not so easy. We always have to keep ready with new chapter of strategy but my passion towards social work and helping the other kids to upfront with education never ending. My husband always supported it and that’s why I can continue with it.

Your wishes for Perfect Woman Magazine?

Perfect Woman Magazine is itself a Big Brand and doesn’t need any introduction .I wish them many more years to be in leading position and renowned in International Level.

Your message for the readers of Perfect Woman Magazine?

Self believe, faith and humanity is the most essence of our life. If we have the will to do something we will always have the way to be there. I will also request the family members of every one to be little supportive and make the best out of every person.

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