My mantra to all the woman is “To Make life Big…. with or without a Man” – SAANIYA NAIK

My mantra to all the woman is “To Make life Big…. with or without a Man” – SAANIYA NAIK

SAANIYA NAIK an industry veteran in the Events and Conference Production space, with over 17+ years of overall experience in various Sectors and an Experienced Conference Producer with a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Strategic Negotiations, Marketing & Sales, HR, Contact Centers, and Market Research. A media and communication professional with a BBA focused in Business management. Versatile and a hard core Go-Getter. Also a Council Member, Maharashtra Information & Broadcasting Council, WICCI. Her expertise stems from her passion and commitment towards her clients, whom she aims to delight with strong work ethics, excellence in deliverance, and innovation in ideation. Her philosophy is to build long term relations, and exceed client expectations across all the fronts. She strongly believes in supporting women who wish to work from home & create their own identity and her company, Eventalist Conferences, has 90% of women employees. So, lets dive in her motivational journey.

-PW, Karisma T

Your Journey

Your Journey & More about “Your Career ” : : My Journey has been a complete Roller Coaster. From starting my career as an event sales rep at the age of 17 to being A single mom & Now an Entrepreneur. This has made “ME”. I am what I am because I went through it alone. What comes easy doesn’t last long. I am proud of the difficulties & challenges that came along this journey. It’s made me learn, gave me experiences & taught me to be brave. I never had a dream since I was a kid… absolute blank & a mischievous kiddo who just lived in the present. I tried all possible sectors till I got to know that organising events is my KICK. They drive me crazy!

Challenges in life..:

Oh my…. There were too many…. but trust me, there is no fun in life without challenges. Challenges make you strong and more experienced than anything else. I don’t believe you have to leave something meaningful for generations to remember me . You have one life to live, live it to the fullest. I haven’t planned out my life ever and I think that’s why I’ve been so successful. I believe that if you plan your life completely you’re not letting your mind think about & try other stuff going on around you.

What inspired you to take it forward:

I have always been a people’s person. Somehow I really build good connections with all my colleagues & people around me. Trust me, I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. I always thought I would do a 9-6 job. Few of my speakers who were a part of the conferences I organised motivated me to start up my own. They guided me & gave me good advice too. So one evening my now partner & then colleague called me up & said that there is an opportunity. And that’s when I decided lets take up the risk. I know I am not Perfect and so I don’t hesitate or shy away from asking for help. Experience being a woman contributing in dominating industry: Even today, women entrepreneurs face tougher challenges while setting up their ventures in comparison with their male counterparts. Building a business is hard & sometimes the thought too sounds scary. But every person must start somewhere. There is no magic shortcut to building a good business. However, there is no bias in business either. It doesn’t matter when you start or where you start your journey. If you are good, you will succeed. Though it can sometimes take years before you reach somewhere you are proud of. When you are a woman, you have everyone around you to find your faults & flaws. Women have limits & boundaries set by our society & at every stage we need to prove ourselves. It’s not difficult for a woman starting her own company but it’s rather challenging. Irrespective of me being a woman, I can work late nights, and can deliver what a job demands. I can manage my house and office; it’s about proving oneself every time, at every step and in any circumstances.If you have decided what you exactly want from yourself, then all the hurdles turn out to be the stepping stone towards success. You simply need to be confident and determined towards your goal. I remember my 1st entry in the events industry…. my mom had sleepless nights because i would return home at 1am or 2am. But this is what my profession demands. Everyone has 2 options in life, you either compromise and live or you make yourself independent and rule.

Your say for women who wish to take up the same profession

Social and cultural bondages generally trim down the freedom, confidence and boldness of women. Work on your personality development. It makes a lot of difference who you are. Listen to your heart & your gut instinct.

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