Keep laughing, making beautiful memories so that one day you can reminisce about them and laugh even harder, says Vaishnavi Ganatra

 Keep laughing, making beautiful memories so that one day you can reminisce about them and laugh even harder, says  Vaishnavi Ganatra

It’s World Laughter Day on May 1 and Vaishnavi Ganatra says there is nothing in the world that is as irresistibly contagious as laughter. The Woh Toh Hai Albelaa (WTHA) actor shares one of funniest memories and the significance of good humour in her life.
“I am a very emotional person. Be it happiness, joy or excitement, I always do everything too much! Fun fact, you’ll always find me laughing, pretty much the loudest laughter in the entire room so it’ll be easier for you to find me in a crowd,” she laughs, before adding, “I laugh at the funniest of jokes and lamest of matters. I feel like it just lightens up my mood. In fact, not just mine. When others see me laugh, even they tend to laugh and that makes me feel good.”
The actor shares that if someone smiles because of her, it makes her happier. “People always tell me that I am a light-hearted and bubbly person. I feel like smiles light up our days. It helps the storm to pass away faster than it usually would. A smile is like a ray of sunshine! And, laughter? It is like a rainbow- the most beautiful view that you will ever see. Laughing doesn’t always need a valid reason. I personally think that laughter without any reason is the purest form of emotion. It eases stress, anxiety and improves mental health in general. Laughter is a huge part of my life,” she adds.
Vaishnavi then shares a recent funny incident. “We were on the set of WTHA and were shooting the first song that we were recreating and it was ‘Aanki Chali Baanki Chali’. It was a really fun song. I was supposed to wear a beard and a moustache, which apparently I didn’t know about. The idea was very spontaneous. So, when I reached the set in the morning, people from the makeup team came to my room and told me that I was supposed to try different beards and everything. I wore a fake white beard and moustache and Lennon spectacles. I had a wooden stick in my hands. I let them do their magic and the moment I opened my eyes and saw myself in the mirror, I literally couldn’t stop laughing. My jaws were anyways stiff because of the glue they used to stick the beard. But I couldn’t control it. I looked so funny! Everyone who saw me laughed real hard! They said that I looked adorable! But I just couldn’t stop laughing loud at myself. It was hilarious how different they made me look. I loved it and hope to play with more such looks! These are the small and valuable moments that we live for! Don’t let go of them,” she says.
The actor then goes on to talk about the issues of the mind. “We don’t usually talk about our mental health or things that affect us emotionally. But we can definitely just think of it as a phase and let it pass. We can welcome another phase in the form of happiness and laughter. This Laughter Day, we can take the responsibility of making ourselves as well as our surroundings happy. Happy Laughter Day everyone! Keep laughing, keep making beautiful memories so that one day you can reminisce about them and laugh even harder,” she ends on a positive note.

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