Vijaya Pant Tulli Mountaineer

Picture full of #precious memories #photo ❤️🤗

Me and #squadron #Leader A. K. Bhattacharya ❤️❤️ Ashok Sharma Bobby Studio #Uttarkashi 📷
1977 #basic #course Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering #uttarkashi #uttarakhand

The English made me cry

I was the first girl from Uttarakashi #PG #College to #Uttarakhand who was going to #NIAM in #Parvatarohan. When I attended the first lecture there, I stopped speaking, the lecture was being held in English. At that time, English was taught equally as N. When I didn’t understand anything, I started crying. At that time VP (Vice Principal) there was Major Bhattacharya. I went to her crying and said. ′′ I want to go home, I don’t know English. ′′ After listening to me, he smiled and said, ′′ Hey, you are also VP (Vijaya Pant) and I am also VP, then how can you go home? ′′ Then he said to the trainees, ′′ Listen to all the trainee, no one will talk to this VP in English, everyone will speak in Hindi After that all the girls started talking to me in broken Hindi. Again a lovely girl from #Assam #Assam Archana Bhattacharjee (Archana Bhattacharjee, who later became my good friend) came to me and said, ′′ Hey Bijoya, don’t cry, we speak Hindi to you. ′′ Then I am dissolved with everyone.
❤️ #Special thanks to my #mother #father and #ChipkoAndolan #Pioneer of Chipko movement #Shri #SundarLalBahuguna and #PG #college #college #uttarkashi 🙏
For giving this #priceless #moment in my life 🙏
These moments will be mine till my end ❤️

Vijaya Pant Tulli Mountaineer

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