“Life is Unpredictable, Enjoy Every Moment”… Yashashree Chhoriya

“Life is Unpredictable, Enjoy Every Moment”… Yashashree Chhoriya

Yashashree Chhoriya Perfect Woman Digital Cover

As a part of our 21 Dynamic Woman, a highly sensitive Person Yashashree Chhoriya, I had the pleasure of interview her. A strong personality She began her professional modelling career in 2018, pursue a modelling career. Within a few months, she participated in beauty pageants that encouraged her to empower herself to unleash her dreams of being a successful model. Incredibly, she achieved this without any training or preparation — or even a hair and makeup team! This edition with “Perfect Woman” She shares her story hoping it will inspire others to overcome their own personal trials.

“Life is Unpredictable, Enjoy Every Moment”… Yashashree Chhoriya

– PW, Prerna Deewan

Yashashree Chhoriya

Describe Yourself.
I am working in corporate as well as mother and a model, social activist, influencer and Kathak dancer…

Journey so far…
I came from very conservative background and family ..father had always done gender discrimination So never get chance to prove myself…
Always felt like humiliate, But I strongly believe in myself and stand for myself and was so interested along with my passion for walking ramp so I participated in dive West India 2018 and got title for ‘best catwalk’ then got shows and recognition too…

Is there anything that you look for when you sign up a project?
I definitely take care for genuine and professional shows..

Challenges in Life.
Conservative family, fake people around who wanted to utilize your talent for their benefit, career, family, responsibility and liability

Experience So Far:
Excellent! Have started since 2018 so almost 4 yrs into this industry..
Done may shows and my last show was as a show stopper

What kind of projects are you looking to work in now?
I am interested in Rampwalk and acting…so looking for shows similar to this..

Do tell us what you do to stay fit
I take my lunch and dinner as early as possible, avoiding fast food and beverage and of course my lifeline with my Yoga and meditation…

Beauty Mantra
Drinking lots of water, Eating healthy food that includes fruits and green vegetables..

What do YOU like doing in your free time
I love to spend time with daughter and watching movies and listening to songs.

Life to YOU means…
It’s very unpredictable, So I think we should enjoy it completely..

Words of advice to young girls who want to enter showbiz…
Just have confidence in self and need to be very hardworking

Quick ones…
Describe yourself in 1 word

Fav Food
Dal Bati

Fav Holiday place

One thing about you, we did not know…

The real YOU is…
Very honest

Love to YOU is…
Very pure and unconditional

Your message to the readers of Perfect Woman magazine…
I always says…
Just be real you… don’t change for people …
Let people accept you as you are


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